Awakening Healing

Personal Transformation through the Power of Unconditional Love

My name is Richi and it is an honour to be of service to you in this journey of life.

Some of you already know me as a Bollywood DJ/Music Producer! If you're looking to book me for a show or event, please visit my website

On the other hand, if you're looking for personal transformation, it begins here! I am based in Melbourne, Australia and offer the following services:

1) Sound Therapy - Crystal Singing Bowls sessions with sacred chanting and singing (in person, for couples or individuals)

2) Intuitive/Spiritual Counselling (in person or online/skype)

3) Hypnotherapy - Hypnoenergetics, Quantum Consciousness and Past Life Regression sessions (in person, for individuals)

The energy of this work is unconditional love. I have personally experienced the power of each technique I use, with profound benefits and changes in my life.

If any of the above resonates with you, give me a call on 0411287568 or email me